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Desirable features

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This is a unprioritized list :

new features

  • Unified Content Model (See eBaySF repository)
  • New feed package (See early version in the cms libraries, pull request in the tracker that needs some finalization and eventually to add writing)
  • New mailer package (Partially completed work available)
  • Packages for additional external APIs (e.g. Amazon, Rackspace, Flickr)
  • Javascript and CSS compression package (GSoC project in progress)
  • eCommerce package (partially completed work available see tracker to contact team working on this)
  • Package for transcoding video using ffmpeg
  • Add support for Imagick to JImage


  • the filesystem
  • the installer
  • the Data Definition language using xml transform
  • the sessions
  • the cache package (see pull request in tracker, may need some finalization)

Please ask for advice if you start on one of these projects since there may be others working on them or partially completed work.

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