Notable Changes and Deprecations

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This page will track changes in the platform packages that could impact existing code.


Deprecated classes removed from the platform or significant changes due to deprecation.

  1. JError - use PHP 5 exception handling as a replacement.
  2. JCategories - downstream users add to their local API.
  3. JCategoriesNode - downstream users add to their local API.
  4. JMenu - downstream users add to their local API.
  5. #780 JController properties $_acoSection and $_acoSectionValue.
  6. #780 JController methods authorize (use authorise) and setAccessControl (use JAccess).
  7. #779 JObject::toString (replaced with magic __toString).
  8. #743 (work in progress) JDatabase properties $errorNum, $errorMsg, $hasQuoted, $quoted. - Partially complete in #743
  9. #743 (work in progress) JDatabase* methods addQuoted, debug, getErrorMsg, getErrorNum, getEscaped, getTableFields, getTicker, isQuoted, hasUtf, explain, loadResultArray, nameQuote, queryBatch, stdErr.
  10. #768 JTable methods canDelete and toXml.
  11. JRequest (use JInput via dependancy injection instead).
  12. #755 JHtmlBehavior method mootools.
  13. #755 JHtmlGrid method access.
  14. #755 JHtmlImage methods site and administrator.
  15. #755 JHtmlList methods accesslevel, specificordering and category.
  16. #755 JHtmlSelect method optgroup.
  17. #744 JElement and all derived classes.
  18. #755 JPane.
  19. #744 JParameter.
  20. #757 JLanguage methods getPluralSufficesCallback, _parseLanguageFiles, _parseXMLLanguageFiles and _parseXMLLanguageFile (all functionality still available but using different method names).
  21. JLog property $legacy and methods getInstance and addEntry.
  22. #759 JRegistry methods loadXml, loadIni, loadJson, makeNameSpace, getNameSpaces, getValue, setValue and loadSetupFile.
  23. JUpdater method arrayUnique.
  25. #770, 773 JUser property $usertype and methods authorize and authorisedLevels (both methods changed name).
  26. #772 JDate property $offsets and methods setOffset and toFormat.
  27. #753 JSimpleXml
  28. JUtility methods sendMail, sendAdminMail, getHash, getToken, isWinOs, dump, array_unshift_ref and return_bytes.
  29. JXmlElement methods data and getAttribute.
  30. #763 JFactory method getXmlParser.
  31. JBrowser
  32. JNode
  33. JTree
  34. #771 JInstaller methods getOverwrite and getUpgrade, valid use of tag in extension manifests.
  35. #790 Dropped support for com_install and com_uninstall and for client=both in language metafile tag. Removed code which checked for plugins with CMS 1.5 file structure.
  36. #1031 Protected property _tz in JDate was renamed to tz.
  37. #1044 Underscore prefix has been removed from protected properties of the JProfiler class.
  38. #1049 Underscore prefix has been removed from protected properties of the JUri class.
  39. #1056 Underscore prefix has been removed from protected properties of the JInstallerLanguage class.
  40. #1055 Underscore prefix has been removed from public _buffers property in JBuffer class.
  41. #1111 Underscore prefix has been removed from protected properties in JStream and JStreamString classes.
  42. #1111 Underscore prefix has been removed from protected properties in update package.


Closed and tagged on 4 January 2012.

Minor compatibility changes

A new autoloader was implemented and some classes where renamed to use it. Original classes have been retained but will be removed in 12.3.

  • JRule renamed to JAccessRule.
  • JRules renamed to JAccessRules.
  • JCli renamed to JApplicationCli.
  • JWeb renamed to JApplicationWeb.
  • All class members of JFTP except JFTP::$instances are now private.
  • JError::$_error is now protected.
  • JRequest::_cleanArray() has been removed.
  • JArchiveGzip:: $_flags and JArchiveGzip:: $_data are now private.
  • JArchiveTar:: $_types, JArchiveTar:: $_flags, JArchiveTar:: $_data and JArchiveTar:: $_metadata are now private.
  • JArchiveZip:: $_methods, JArchiveZip:: $_ctrlDirHeader, JArchiveZip:: $_ctrlDirEnd, JArchiveZip:: $_fileHeader and JArchiveZip:: $_data are now private.
  • JSimpleXML:: $_parser, JSimpleXML:: $_xml and JSimpleXML:: $_stack are now private.
  • In JComponentHelper::renderComponent the execution of the component is moved to the new function JComponentHelper::executeComponent. A component cannot change or use any of the (internal) variables of renderComponent that might be used by the function later on, like $task or $option.
  • The "onPrepareUserProfileData" event has been removed. Listen for the "onContentPrepareData" with a context of "com_users.profile" instead.
  • JTableUser $this->groups in the store and load methods now is an associative array of id => id rather than title => id.