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Joomla Console - Codeception Plugin

This is a simple wrapper command for Codeception projects used in conjuction with the Joomlatools Console.

The plugin adds a codeception:bootstrap command which you can use to quickly create accceptance tests for any Joomla site.


  • Run the following command

    $ joomla plugin:install joomlatools/console-codeception

  • Verify that the plugin is available:

    $ joomla plugin:list

  • You can now create a new Codeception project by:

    $ joomla codeception:bootstrap sitename

  • For available options, run

    $ joomla help Codeception:bootstrap

  • If you would like to hook up an existing Joomlatools Project/ component simply use the --www option

    $ joomla codeception:bootstrap logman --www=/home/vagrant/Projects


It is assumed you have composer already installed. We recommend installing Codeception globally on the host machine:

composer global require "codeception/codeception:*"

also for our mailcatcher integration:

composer global require flow/jsonpath

Codeception makes use of the chromedriver:

brew install chromedriver

You can verify correct install by:

chromedriver --help

Finally we just need selenium-server:

brew install selenium-server-standalone

You can verfiy correct install by:

selenium-server --help

If this has installed with no problems simply open a new terminal window and


Navigate to your component or website folder and run:

codecept run acceptance

Increase the output from each test by appending --debug

codecept run acceptance --debug

And output variables from within the tests with codecept_debug($var) when running suite tests in debug mode.


This plugin is an open source, community-driven project. Contributions are welcome from everyone. We have contributing guidelines to help you get started.


See the list of contributors.


This plugin is free and open-source software licensed under the MPLv2 license.


Keep track of development and community news.