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Need some help or have some questions? Please open an issue here.

Please ask

We encourage questions.

I don't know where to ask my question. It might be related to something else, but I'm unsure. What should I do?

  • Open an issue in this project. This is a safe, respectful space to ask questions and open issues. 😄

I've never opened an issue. How do I do it?

  • Click the Issues tab next to top of the page, then click the green New Issue button. Ask your question in the title and comment fields, then click Submit new issue. Congratulations, you submitted your question! We'll try to get back to you shortly. Tip: If you provide helpful info (such as operating system, versions, etc.), it's easier for us to understand your question.


You can also ask us questions on our Gitter channel.

Community Technical Helpers

Are you a community member that enjoys sharing your knowledge and helping others solve problems? We encourage you to respond to these issues.

If you would like to be more involved and help triage issues, please ask for privileges to add labels and administer this repo.