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With this Joomla! testimonials component your site or web shop visitors can leave their valuable feedback about your service or products.

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Joomla! Testimonials Component

With this Joomla! testimonials component your site or web shop visitors can leave their valuable feedback about your service or products. Collected customers’ feedback will definitely help you to trace your glitches carefully and improve your service or product quality. Testimonials extension is useful for both bloggers who share valuable information, and for web shops owners who tries to raise profit, for service providers who want to win over competitors.

Your customers will not need to login before adding a new testimonial whereas your site is protected from spam with CAPTCHA. Manage your testimonials effectively right from the front-end and enjoy a variety of display options to customize the testimonials view easily.

Why is the component unique?

The component allows assigning relevant set of testimonials to every landing page of your site where necessary. Use loyal customers’ feedback smartly to overcome prospective customers’ pessimism and convert your web traffic to clients!

The Joomla! Testimonials extension was first released in 2009 and has a long improvement history. Now it is advanced Joomla! 3.x native package with component, module and plugin allowing to make testimonial pages on your site, add testimonial module on certain pages of the your Joomla! site or add testimonial in any place of a content article using a tag.


  • Select one of 6 templates to show your testimonials;
  • Show/ Hide testimonial author’s name and avatar (Community Builder avatars are supported);
  • Show/ Hide testimonial titles and captions;
  • Place Add New and Read More links above or below author name;
  • Add custom fields in the testimonial templates;
  • Make your testimonials submission form user-friendly adding pop-up tips to every field;
  • Choose the number of letters to show in the testimonial module for compact view;
  • Show/Hide 'Read more' and 'Add new' links for compact testimonials view.


All necessary day-to-day testimonials management options are right at the front-end. It is a matter of 2 clicks to publish or unpublish testimonials, edit or delete them, and you even can add a public comment to your customer feedback.


The component is powered with a number of advanced options available for admins to manage testimonials configuration effectively. Harness the potential of a bulk of implemented options:

  • Choose whether new testimonials can be added by registered site users or all site visitors;
  • Allow users to upload photos from their local computers to advance their testimonials or disable this option;
  • Choose required fields to make the particular custom field obligatory for data input;
  • Add pop-up tips to every field of your testimonial submission form. They will come up once navigating cursor is at the proper field name;
  • Enable built-in CAPTCHA or reCAPTCHA to protect yourself from spam;
  • Set up auto-approve of new feedbacks or notifications for administrator who will moderate the testimonial text;
  • Enable testimonials management by one or several assigned component managers from the front end user interface;


The module that comes with the component gives possibility to:

  • Show a set of relevant testimonials with certain tags at one certain page of the site. Add a tag and assign it to any menu items, web pages or article categories. Then just tie due testimonials to the tag and it’s done;
  • Set up timeouts for testimonials rotation and they will be demonstrated one by one creating a nice animated fade effect;

Match your site’s template you can implement minor changes to the styles of the module and the component’s pages easily by modifying the CSS files in template manager.


Two plugins come with basic installation package without additional cost!

  • The content plugin replaces {testimonial tag [number]} tag with [number] testimonial tied to tag;
  • The editors plugin displays a button at the bottom of Joomla! articles editor. When you click the button a popup window comes up allowing you to choose the testimonials to insert into an article.

You will like this flexible extension boosting your sales silently! It must be used for every Joomla! site.


With this Joomla! testimonials component your site or web shop visitors can leave their valuable feedback about your service or products.







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