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Arctic CCM

Arctic CCM is a centralized configuration management research and evaluation project that was done as a part of a Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences' course Monialaprojekti PRO4TN001-3 with the intent to learn about the four most popular CCM systems: puppet, Salt, Chef and Ansible.

Arctic CCM demo video

Goal of the project

The goal of the project was to learn more about centralized management applications and also to produce reusable example material that can be used by anyone later on. We made examples for use both with Linux and Windows. The completed project includes working network enviroments done with centralized management applications: Ansible, Chef, Puppet and Salt.

This github includes

We have made four directories for the four different centralized management programs that we have used. Salt and Chef are written in English and Puppet and Ansible are in Finnish (If you want these in English you should try Google Translate since it works relatively well these days). Each folder includes guides on how to install each program as master and how to give commands to Linux and Windows slaves with your master. Also instructions for setting up the slaves are provided. We also have guides for provisioning slaves for use with these programs. We have included different config files or modules that we used with these programs as well.


Direction and feedback

Supervising teacher is Tero Karvinen http://terokarvinen.com/