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Arctic CCM: Salt by Jori Laine


In this folder, you’ll find the files and documentation to my SaltStack research and my report on it, as well as my early notes in Finnish, from when I was getting to know Salt for the first time.

It consists of several rather basic state files (.sls) of my own creation, that install applications and services to Linux systems as well as Windows OS (due to licensing Salt Windows repository is not included, but you’ll find instructions for downloading it in the "Installation instructions" document). Also, in here you will find my Linux provisioning with PXE configuration files that I used, in order to create multiple minions on which to test my Salt configuration at the Haaga-Helia computer laboratory.

I highly recommend that you read the Salt report document before you start with the installation instructions!

Arctic CCM Salt section was a part of a centralized configuration management research and evaluation project that was done as a part of a Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences' course Monialaprojekti PRO4TN001-3 with the intent to learn about the four most popular CCM systems: puppet, Salt, Chef and Ansible.

The documentation covers some of the basic functionalities of Salt and tries to offer some insight to its benefits and attributes.

Please consider checking out other parts of our Arctic CCM project.

  • Ansible (in Finnish) - by Joona Leppälahti
  • puppet (in Finnish) - by Eero Kolkki
  • Chef - by Jarkko Koski