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Script made for exporting Image Framer plugin frames from photoshop
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Image Framer Export Template - Rounded corners.psd
Image Framer Export Template.psd
Image Framer Export.jsx

Image Framer Export Script

Image Framer Export Script

The script along with the .psd template will make it easy to make frames for: Image Framer jQuery Plugin

You only need to make top and bottom texture for the frame and the template & sript will help you to export all 4 frame sizes to separate folders in a snap!

Depending on how long it takes for you to create the frame texture, it takes approximately 4 minutes to download the script package and create a frame with the script & template.

It should be noted that the .psd template also works with Slicy. You should also know that if you want to use Slicy, the template, as it is, will not save the frame folders with the frame name. You'd have to do it manually add it in every folder for example: "yourFrame-size4". In that regard the script is slightly more convenient.

How to use the script

  1. Put Image Framer Export.jsx into: {Photoshop_root}\Presets\Scripts\Image Framer Export.jsx
  • If photoshop is already running, restart it.
  • Alternatively you could skip this part entirely and at list item #5, just use File > Scripts > Browse... and find the script where ever you put it.
  1. Open Image Framer Export Template.psd in photoshop.
  2. Double click Edit frame image smart object to edit the contents.
  3. Create your frame texture and save the .psb file.
  4. Get back to Image Framer Export Template.psd and run the script File > Scripts > Image Framer Export.jsx.
  5. You will be asked to insert your desired frame name ( You can use the frame with the plugin like this: frameType: "yourFrame" ).
  6. The script will beep when the exporting is complete.
  7. You'll find the files/folders next to the Image Framer Export Template.psd. You will need to put them in {your_website_root}/imageframer/frames/

The script was tested in Photoshop cs 3 and cs 6 in Mac.

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