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SDB → CEP export

  1. SDB's CEP export is a little hidden, so if you can't find the CEP export toggle, check out this gif
  2. This sample repo is technically not needed. The CEP export doesn't actually export a whole panel, it simply spews out the layout (html, css and js), that you can place to whatever CEP boilerplate you wish to use.
    • This sample panel is pretty much just one of the samples from the Adobe CEP page under CEP-resources/CEP_x.x/Samples. Nothing fancy.


Documentation lives online at To make it easier to work with the SUI layout, the included JS contains a bunch of helper methods that you can find in the: CEP section. Not every single item has these helper methods. You don't need a specific helper method to write a click event to a button, for instance. That would make things too convoluted.

Note: pages are on the left sidebar and table of contents on the right sidebar

It's also in the SDB repo in Github under build/docs.

Issues Errwhere...

If you have any issues, questions or suggestions, you may want to post those over at the SDB repo/issues. - Sample panel

A simple panel that populates a dropdownlist with the names of all open documents on reload and on button press. It does also activate documents when you select them in the dropdownlist.

General tidbits (

  1. Everything that came from the SDB's CEP export is in the index.html file.
  2. The button movement is controlled by this little snippet at the top of the index.html file:
    [data-item-name="fetchBtn"] > div:active {
    	margin-top: 2px;
  3. The panel works in: Indesign, Illustratorand Photoshop.
  4. The name you'll see in the extensions menu is SDB - Fetch Docs

Theme manager & Interface color example

SDB's CEP export now has a theme manager that has to be triggered manually. There's not much to it, but you can read more here.

How it looks like:


Sample(s) for the ScriptUI Dialog Builder's CEP export.






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