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## joons-renderer brings Sunflow's ray-tracing to Processing. * **[Download](** * **[Getting Started](** * **[Tutorial] (** * **[Supported & Unsupported Functions](** * **[Example Sketches](** * Works of others using **joons-renderer** on [Tumblr](, [Flickr](, [YouTube](, and [Vimeo]( Animated examples, [depth-of-field enabled]( and [disabled](


Left: Original Processing sketch, Right: Rendered using joons-renderer.

Code as usual in Processing, and make small & simple additions to render it realistically:

JoonsRenderer jr;



joons-renderer reads geometry from Processing, applies Sunflow ray-tracer engine to it,
and returns the rendered image from the exact same viewpoint. It supports:

  • Texture
  • Light
  • Depth-of-field

.. and more. Check out the full list of supported & unsupported functions.
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joons-renderer written by Joon Hyub Lee,
Use & modify as you want.
The source code is available on GitHub.
Your contribution is highly appreciated!
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