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Color themes for ConEmu
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Color Schemes for ConEmu

I port my favorite color schemes to ConEmu. Note that screenshots are taken with the prompt customized with posh-git and the Get-ChildItem with Get-ChildItemColor. See this blog post for my PowerShell customizations.

My current favorites are material-theme (Emacs) light and One Dark.


Color Schemes List

For all screenshots, see screenshots

How to Install

There are two methods.

Use Install-ConEmuTheme.ps1 PowerShell script. (Recommended)

  • Use Install-ConEmuTheme.ps1 PowerShell script. First, the script will always create a backup of your config file as ConEmu.backup.xml prior to doing anything else. It’s got two operation modes:
    1. To add a theme to your config file:
      .\Install-ConEmuTheme.ps1 [-ConfigPath Path] -Operation Add -ThemePathOrName themes\oceans16-dark.xml
    2. To remove a theme from your config file:
      .\Install-ConEmuTheme.ps1 [-ConfigPath Path] -Operation Remove -ThemePathOrName "Oceans16 Dark"
  • Note that -ConfigPath argument is optional if your ConEmu.xml is located at the default location (C:\Users\You\AppData\Roaming\ConEmu.xml).

Manually add color schemes and modify the ConEmu.xml file:

  1. Open ConEmu.xml. Usually it is at ~\AppData\Roaming, where ~ is your home directory (C:\Users\UserName).
  2. Paste the color scheme at the end of palette settings part. It starts with the following:
    <key name="Colors" modified="2015-03-19 13:53:09" build="150310">
    	<value name="Count" type="dword" data="00000001"/>
    	<key name="Palette1" modified="2015-03-19 13:53:09" build="150310">
  3. If you do not have any custom color scheme, the xml key is not there. In ConEmu, go to Settings -> Feature -> Colors and generate a custom color theme by click on Save button and specify any name. Then Colors key will be automatically generated in your ConEmu.xml. You can overwrite it when you add new themes.
  4. Update the palette number (key name PaletteX) accordingly. For example, if you have 1 custom color palette already, it should be Palette2 for the new one:
    <key name="Palette2" modified="2015-03-19 13:53:09" build="150310">
  5. Make sure to increase the value for key name Count under key Colors as well. It should equal to the total number of pallets you have:
    <value name="Count" type="dword" data="00000002"/>
  6. For example, the Colors part of your modified ConEmu.xml should look like this:
    <key name="Colors" modified="2015-03-19 13:53:09" build="150310">
    	<value name="Count" type="dword" data="00000002"/>
    	<key name="Palette1" modified="2015-03-19 13:53:09" build="150310">
    		<value name="Name" type="string" data="EXISTING COLOR"/>
    		<value name="ExtendColors" type="hex" data="00"/>
    		<value name="ColorTable31" type="dword" data="00e3f6fd"/>
    	<key name="Palette2" modified="2015-03-19 13:53:09" build="150310">
    		<value name="Name" type="string" data="NAME OF THE COLOR YOU ADDED"/>
    		<value name="ExtendColors" type="hex" data="01"/>
    		<value name="ColorTable31" type="dword" data="00e7fdfd"/>

How to Contribute

See Template.xml for the template for color schemes with the default colors. In general, programs (such as git) uses colors through 0 - 8, (see the template for their uses). I decided to use git and PowerShell as the main targets, so please try to match your colors to the usage of those applications.

Also, make sure that all the color options set to Auto to get correct highlighting:



August 2018

  • Add ayu theme

April 2017

  • Change file structure
  • Add material-sublime-darker theme (thanks to chantisnake)
  • Add gruvbox theme (thanks to circleous)

March 2017

  • Add One Dark theme
  • Add default value for -ConfigPath argument for Install-ConEmuTheme.ps1

February 2017

  • Add Monokai
  • Add theme (un)installation script, tools/Install-ConEmuTheme.ps1 (Thanks to GrzegorzKozub).

January 2017

  • Add bas16-railscasts (light and dark)
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