Chain reactor client for Jenkins, to trigger actions on remote machines after build results
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Chain Reactor Client for Jenkins

Notify other machines about Jenkins build statuses

Chain Reactor is a server written in ruby that listens for events that are fired by clients. This plugin is a client for Jenkins that sends build information after builds complete to one or many chain reactor servers that you set up. This means that other machines can respond to a build failure/success.


By far the easiest way to install this plugin is through the Jenkins update center. However, you can download an HPI file from the downloads section if you would prefer to install it manually.


Go to the system configuration page (Manage Jenkins -> Configure System), and scroll down to "Global Chain Reactor Settings". You can add multiple IP addresses here, corresponding to the computers that are running the chain reactor server.


If you want to build this package you'll need to have JDK 6 and maven3 installed, and the installation process depends on your OS and package manager.

Clone the git repository and build the package

git clone 
cd jenkins-chain-reactor-client
mvn package

This will generate an hpi file at target/chainreactorclient.hpi. This needs to be copied to the Jenkins plugin directory. If a version of this plugin has already been installed, run

rm -rf /var/lib/jenkins/plugins/chainreactorclient*

to get rid of it. Then either use the advanced tab of the plugin manager to upload the hpi file or copy it to the plugins directory, e.g.

cp target/chainreactorclient.hpi /var/lib/jenkins/plugins/

Finally, restart jenkins.


Copyright © 2012, Jonathan Cairns. Licensed under the [MIT license].