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jTools for Google Chrome


jTools is an extension for the Google Chrome web browser, which allows for analysis of web pages using jQuery. You can either get jQuery selectors by clicking on page elements, or you can execute a selector to see whether anything matches.

This can be used for anything, really, but it was created with web developers in mind: it can be useful to see how certain pages are built, and there doesn't seem to be any other extension out there that does it using jQuery selectors.

How to install

First clone this repository to somewhere on your computer. In Google Chrome, go to Menu > Tools > Extensions, and click Load unpacked extension... at the top of the page (if you don't see this, you may need developer tools enabled). Select the jTools directory that was created after doing the clone, and it should be enabled!

How to use

jTools has two modes: page analysis and selector execution.

  1. Page analysis: On every page you should see a jQuery logo at the bottom right of the screen. Clicking this puts jTools into analysis mode, and it opens a panel. Hover your mouse over parts of the page to see the jQuery selector for that element - the element will be highlighted with a red border. Click on the element to show a breakdown of all the constituent parts of the selector. You can then disable and enable parts of the selector by clicking on the buttons at the bottom. If any other elements match the selector they will also be highlighted.

  2. Selector execution: At the top right of the Chrome toolbar there is a jQuery button. Click this to open a text box. If you type a jQuery selector such as div p into this box, the selector will then be executed on the page, and the elements that match will be highlighted.

Other stuff

jTools was written by Jon Cairns (jon@joncairns.com). I'm releasing it under the GNU license, so feel free to contribute and use it for any purpose (preferably good, not evil).

If you use this software for anything interesting, please let me know!