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Fixed #15, escaping of Vim function arguments

VdebugEval and the Breakpoint functions were affected by using <args>,
as strings containing single quotes broke Python's syntax. This has been
changed to <q-args>.
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1 parent 3ee5d24 commit 0dbf20530b7184a2450f9924b77b8c245b97f15a @joonty committed Nov 9, 2012
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@@ -87,11 +87,11 @@ exe "map ".g:vdebug_keymap["set_breakpoint"]." :python debugger.set_breakpoint()
vnoremap <Leader>e :python debugger.handle_visual_eval()<cr>
-command! -nargs=? Breakpoint python debugger.set_breakpoint('<args>')
-command! -nargs=? BreakpointRemove python debugger.remove_breakpoint('<args>')
+command! -nargs=? Breakpoint python debugger.set_breakpoint(<q-args>)
+command! -nargs=? BreakpointRemove python debugger.remove_breakpoint(<q-args>)
command! BreakpointWindow python debugger.toggle_breakpoint_window()
-command! -nargs=? VdebugEval python debugger.handle_eval('<args>')
+command! -nargs=? VdebugEval python debugger.handle_eval(<q-args>)
sign define current text=-> texthl=DbgCurrent linehl=DbgCurrent
sign define breakpt text=B> texthl=DbgBreakPt linehl=DbgBreakPt

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