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Added question about breakpoints to FAQ in help file: "Document xdebug_break() behavior."
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@@ -968,6 +968,12 @@ it to this list.
A. This is addressed in |VdebugSetUpPython|. A patch needs to be applied
to the debugger engine code.
+ Q. I am debugging a PHP script and VDebug won't stop at my breakpoint, but
+ it will stop at other breakpoints. What do I do?
+ A. You should try reproducing this case outside of your (likely large)
+ codebase. In the meantime, you can use the xdebug_break() function to
+ hardcode a breakpoint in your file.
Q. I keep getting error <x> when doing <y>.
A. Send the details of the error to me at the email address at the top of
this section, or raise an issue on the Github page.

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