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grota commented Sep 13, 2012

I don't think versioning the tags file is considered good practice, I have always seen it git-ignored, since the user (or usually a plugin, pathoged does it for me) is in charge of building it.
Versioning puts the burden of keeping it up to date upstream, which is usually not required, and a frail assumption.
For example right now I have this diff in the repo, I personally would git rm --cached it.

diff --git i/doc/tags w/doc/tags
index f9b3a74..545fc5f 100644
--- i/doc/tags
+++ w/doc/tags
@@ -14,6 +14,7 @@ VdebugCommands        Vdebug.txt      /*VdebugCommands*
 VdebugEval     Vdebug.txt      /*VdebugEval*
 VdebugEvalExpression   Vdebug.txt      /*VdebugEvalExpression*
 VdebugEvalHighlighted  Vdebug.txt      /*VdebugEvalHighlighted*
+VdebugEvalUnderCursor  Vdebug.txt      /*VdebugEvalUnderCursor*
 VdebugIDEKey   Vdebug.txt      /*VdebugIDEKey*
 VdebugInstallation     Vdebug.txt      /*VdebugInstallation*
 VdebugIntro    Vdebug.txt      /*VdebugIntro*

joonty commented Sep 13, 2012

Agreed - this was an oversight rather than a conscious decision. I'll remove this in the next push. Thanks for the heads up!

joonty closed this in b29eb2d Sep 13, 2012

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