Simple tool to convert a maildir into mbox format (the opposite of mb2md)
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License: BSD (see full license in LICENSE file)

Author: Jonathan Clarke

Contributions by Matthieu "Kegeruneku" Cerda

## Presentation

This is a tool to convert mails in a maildir format to mbox mailbox format.

Maildir format is used by many mail servers, and is simply a directory containing one file for each email. Mbox mailbox format is used by other mail servers and various tools (including Mailman, my original itch) and is a big file containing all emails one after the other, separated by a line like "From date".

It is basically the opposite of the "mb2md" tool. If this is what you're looking for, you're in the wrong place, mb2md is packaged on most distributions (Debian/Ubuntu: apt-get install mb2md).

Currently, it's extremely simple and can be largely improved, but it did the job for me :) Patches welcome!


This script runs through all files in a maildir, and collects the From email address and Date from the corresponding headers. It then converts the date to the appropriate format for mbox, and outputs a "mbox header line" ("From date") followed by the email and a blank line.

## Dependencies

This script relies on a little Perl script, that has a few dependencies: Date::Time and DateTime::Format::Mail

On an APT based distribution, you can install them like this:

# apt-get install libdatetime-perl libdatetime-format-mail-perl

Of course, you can use aptitude the same way if you want.


$ cd /path/to/your/source/maildir
$ maildir2mbox > /path/to/your/destination.mbox

Note: The path to the accompanying script "" should be autodetected by maildir2mbox, however if you are using a BSD based system, or you separated maildir2mbox from it, you might want to force the path to this script because the autodetection is likely to fail.

## Example

This is how the operation is done on a Postfix+Courier setup generated maildir, it should be relatively similar on any other standard SMTP+IMAP setup:

$ tar zvxf my-maildir-export.tar.gz
$ cd my-maildir-export
$ ls
courierimapacl  courierimapkeywords/  courierimapuiddb  cur/  maildirfolder  new/  tmp/
$ cd cur/
$ /home/me/maildir2mbox/maildir2mbox > /path/to/your/destination.mbox
$ cd ../new/
$ /home/me/maildir2mbox/maildir2mbox >> /path/to/your/destination.mbox

## Output

A primitive progess meter is displayed on stderr:

Starting up, found 1572 emails
Converting: 100% done

## Comments and feedback

Comments, feedback and patches are most welcome, either via github or email ( Enjoy!