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A content-voting bot doing "front-running" of good content on platform
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A content-voting bot doing "front-running" of good content on platform.

The code will go through the post of users listed in the configuration file and put a "vote" for new articles in a hope that the users contribute valuable posts and will make the investor money. On financial markets, this is commonly known as "front-running", because we are anticipating what other people will do and trying to run in the front to get a small benefit out of it.

I believe this project is ethical, because it also supports the authors by giving them a vote and helps them become featured higher on the front page of the platform.

I have written an article about on my blog, check it out to understand how this works.


You need working nodejs and npm for your platform and a working puppeteer installation (should be installed automatically). To install all the required nodejs packages, run

npm install


Copy config/example.json5 to config/yourusername.json5. Edit the file, you need to change the login and password - login is your e-mail address, not the yours username (that's how login works).

  yoursInvestor: {
    login: "",
    password: "password",
    articles_db_file: "articles.db",
    users: [ "jurajbednar", "paralelnapolis", "satoshidoodles", "ryanxcharles" ]

In the users section, make a choice of good authors on (this time, these are usernames). You can put as many as you like. The script will go through them and vote for the most recent article if it has not been seen before.

Also, if you would like to have several users, you should change articles_db_file to be different among users, so different users would vote on the same article.


There is a script called that periodically runs the investor for all the users. You only need to change

for l in example # list config files here

to something like

for l in user1 user2 user3

You need to have config/user1.json5, config/user2.json5 and config/user3.json5 configuration files in order to do this.

Advanced configuration and use

You can also configure some advanced settings. If you would like to see what the script is doing, you can set browser_is_headless to false in your configuration file. This will show Chrome window and you could see how the process works, from login, to clicking on articles and voting.

There's also a keypress_delay option, which sets how fast the script will type into input boxes. I don't think it makes any difference right now, but in the future, typing speed might be used by the platform to detect bots. Although I think the platform should support and encourage bots, because they bring in liquidity and funds into the system.

You can also manually add an article to the database in order for the article to not get vote. It does not require config file, only name of database file and URL of the article. Example:

node add-article.js articles.db ''

Good to know

This script can make, but also lose you money. Depends on if you invest wisely. This is not a financial advice nor a magic money making bot.

If a user changes the title of the article, it might get another vote, because the URL of the article (that we use for identifying the article) changes.

I also wrote a script to regularly withdraw BCH and consolidate outputs from yours, but it works only for BCH, so before the BCH ABC / BCH SV fork. Feel free to update it to work with BSV, I currently do not withdraw BSV from yours.


If you liked this script, I would be glad if you supported my open-source work and writing. More information about ways to support me are on my webpage, but you can also send me Bitcoin at 3BaE3GkJ8Z1F4HR8H8ocRt6eK41diW4GWw. Other cryptocurrencies addresses are listed here. You can also tip my yours page.

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