Desktop client for CMIS repositories (Python/GTK based)
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CMIS Navigator
A Python/GTK based desktop client for CMIS repositories

This code has not been extensively tested (yet). We welcome any feedback and help.

Installing and configuring
unpack the tarball in /opt or copy the contents from the github src folder to /opt/navigator
edit /opt/navigator/navigator.cfg, or create a copy in ~/.navigator.cfg

By default navigator.cfg points to a folder in Alfresco's CMIS test repository.

Run /opt/navigator/navigator

CMIS Navigator is written in Python using PyGTK (it uses GTK).
You can run it on Windows if you have the appropriate libraries installed.
There is a problem with drag and drop under Windows, please see the issue tracker on GitHub (
I am not a Windows user, and I have very little experience using Python/GTK on Windows. Any help to make CMIS Navigator run under Windows is welcome.