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Exercise: Interpolating Between Vectors

One fun option for the conditional generation code is to interpolate between the learned hidden vectors.

To do this, first look at the code for sampling given a specific nationality:

As you can see, we create a list of keys that is the length of the number of samples we want (n). And we use that list to retrieve the correct index from the vocabulary. Finally, we use that index in the conditional embedding inside the network to get the initial hidden state for the sampler.

To do this exercise, write a function that has the following signature:

def interpolate_n_samples_from_two_nationalities(nationality1, nationality2, weight, n=10, temp=0.8):
    print('awesome stuff here')

This should retrieve the init_vectors for two different nationalities. Then, using the weight, combine the init vectors as weight * init_vector1 + (1 - weight) * init_vector2.

For fun, after you finish this function, write a for loop which loops over the weight from 0.1 to 0.9 to see how it affects the generation.