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A simple functional game library for the game "Pighole Big Hole" for 2-6 players
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Pighole Game Library

This is a simple functional game library for the game "Pighole Big Hole" for 2-6 players.

How To Play

  • 60 pigs are equally distributed to the players
  • The first player with 0 pigs wins the game
  • In round 1 every player rolls the dice exactly once
    • In round 2 every players roll the dice exactly twice
    • In round 3 every player can roll as often as he likes to until he decides it's the next players turn or he has to take pigs
  • Rolling 1-5 the player has to place one of his pigs on the respective field (1-5)
    • Rolling a 6 the player can remove on of his pigs without putting it on a field
  • Every field can hold a specific amount of pigs: Field 1 has a maximum of 1, field 2 a maximum of 2 etc. until 5. There is no field for 6
  • If a player rolls a field that is already full, he has to take all the pigs on that field and it's the next players turn

How to use this library

Start a new game

startGame(numberOfPlayers: number): GameState

This will return a new initial game state with the number of players defined

Play a turn

playTurn()(state: GameState): GameState

Set next player

After the third round every player can roll as often as he likes to. But he also has the option to not roll.

nextPlayer()(state: GameState): GameState

Game State

The game state looks as follows

export interface GameState {
    players: Player[];
    currentPlayer: number;
    fields: Field[],
    round: number,
    turns: number,
    winner: number | null,
    history: Turn[]

export interface Player {
    pigs: number

export interface Field {
    amount: number;
    max: number;

export interface Turn {
    player: number;
    rolled: number;
    pigs: number;


If a winner is found the winner property of the game state is set to the players index that won

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