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Joosy is a browser applications framework. That is based on Rails, CoffeeScript and love.

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Joosy 1.2: Feather


Joosy is a javascript framework. Being a harmonious extensions to Rails it introduces everything you like about backend right to your browser. Ready conventions set, extensive CoffeeScript, HAML support, Helpers, seamless backend integration, automatic code generation and more.

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Master branch is currently totally incompatible with the stable 1.1 and 1.0 branches. 1.2 features total restructuring of the way we build the gem and the way you are supposed to include it.

To keep things working please use either

  gem 'joosy', '~> 1.1.1'


  gem 'joosy', github: 'joosy/joosy', branch: '1.1'

Guides are still bound to 1.1 branch! API docs are available for all current versions. Again – make sure you use proper gem versions.

Whatever! I'm ninja!

Below in this README you will find new installation instructions. 1.2 branch is currently in beta. It means we are in feature-freeze mode and interface is unlikely to change. But things are still unstable and the release can contain tiny inconsistencies that might be required to make things work.

Keep track on what's going on at the Wiki

What is Joosy

Joosy allows you to create web apps which work completely in the browser. So that, it helps you to relocate all your Rails Views to the client side. It also helps you with managing the growing quantity of JS code. On another hand, it makes your backend to have exactly one function – to be a simple REST provider. That leads to easier development support and improves the scalability greatly.

Besides Rails, Joosy is based on top of CoffeeScript, jQuery and Sugar.js in role of ActiveSupport.

Finally, Joosy boosts your development drastically. Just like the Rails framework does.

Jump in with Rails

Add Joosy gem to your Gemfile:

  gem 'joosy-rails', '~> 1.0.0.RC2'

Use built-in generator to seed a basic application:

rails g joosy:application

Make sure to remove public/index.html and you are ready to go with localhost:3000. The main application code can be found at app/assets/javascripts directory. HTML canvas of the application is at app/views/layouts/joosy.html.erb.

Jump in with Sinatra

Standalone application

Standalone mode of Joosy is based on Yeoman and Grill. Start from installing proper Yeoman extension:

npm install -g yo generator-joosy

Now create a directory to use a project root and run application generator:

mkdir new dummy
cd dummy
yo joosy

The main application code will appear at source directory. stylesheets is for Stylus-based styles and the main canvas of page is defined at source/haml/index.haml. Now you can grunt server to start development server at localhost:4000.

To generate assets statically prior to the deployment run:

grunt compile

You assets are at public/ directory, enjoy!


  • Ensure you have Node.js available on your system
  • Clone the project
  • Run npm install to get required Node modules
  • Run bower install to get required JS components
  • Run grunt testem to run all specs in all available browsers
  • Run grunt testem:* where * is then name of an environment to run the environment in the development mode. Check (section testem) for the list of existing environments.

While current repository is at the same time NPM package, Ruby gem and Bower component, – the main Core environment is Node.js.



Copyright 2011-2013 Boris Staal

It is free software, and may be redistributed under the terms of MIT license.

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Joosy is a browser applications framework. That is based on Rails, CoffeeScript and love.






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