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Euporie is a terminal based interactive computing environment for Jupyter.

Euporie's apps allow you to interact with Jupyter kernels, and run Jupyter notebooks - entirely from the terminal.

Console Notebook Preview Hub

View more screenshots here


You can install euporie with pipx (recommended) or pip:

$ pipx install euporie
$ # OR
$ python -m pip install --user euporie

You can also try euporie online here.


  • Edit and run notebooks in the terminal
  • Run code interactively in a console
  • Display images using terminal graphics (sixel / iterm / kitty)
  • Use Jupyter widgets interactively in the terminal
  • Render rich kernel output (markdown, tables, images, LaTeX, HTML, SVG, & PDF)
  • Tab-completion, line suggestions and contextual help
  • Convert a console session to a notebook
  • Micro / Vim / Emacs style key-bindings



You can edit a notebook using euporie-notebook, and passing the notebook's file path or URI as a command line argument:

$ euporie-notebook notebook.ipynb

Alternatively, launch euporie-notebooks and open a notebook file by selecting "Open" from the file menu (Ctrl+O).


To connect to a Jupyter kernel and run code interactively in a console session, you can run

$ euporie-console

(You can press Ctrl+C to open the command palette in euporie-console).


To preview a notebook to the terminal, use the euporie-preview subcommand:

$ euporie-preview notebook.ipynb


To run euporie hub, a multi-user SSH server for euporie apps, run:

$ euporie-hub --port 8022 --host-keys=ssh_host_ed25519_key --client-keys=authorized_keys

where ssh_host_ed25519_key is the path to your host key file, and authorized_keys is a file containing SSH public keys allowed to connect.


View the online documentation at:

The code is available on GitHub at:


Euporie requires Python 3.8 or later. It works on Linux, Windows and MacOS