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DoveTools v1.0

Visual theming, easier tag analysis and Otter transcripts for Dovetail

Version 1.0.2, September 2021


DoveTools is a collection of tools to complement Dovetail, the qualitative research platform. Please read the introductory blog post and watch the video walkthrough.

There are currently three main tools:

  1. Export abbreviated highlights to Miro via Excel, for visual theming and affinity diagramming
  2. Analyse tag relationships and see other common tags against the most frequent tags
  3. Otter-to-VTT converter that allows importing transcripts into Dovetail


This is a Jupyter Notebook written in Python and hosted on Google Colab.

👉 Use DoveTools on Google Colab

  1. Each cell includes a piece of code
  2. You can run a cell by clicking the Play button, or typing Shift+Enter
  3. You can see the output of each cell immediately beneath as it is executed
  4. Certain cells will prompt you to upload or download files


  • You need to login to your Google account to run cells. When running the first cell, you will get a prompt saying Warning: This notebook was not authored by Google. Once you have reviewed the code, select Run anyway.
  • It is not recommended to upload personally identifiable information into the publicly shared version of this notebook. Please create a copy under your own Google profile, or run the notebook locally using a platform like Anaconda.

About this project

This is an open source project hosted on GitHub and released under the MIT license. DoveTools has no affiliation to Dovetail.

The example data in this notebook is from a transcript of Steve Krug's Demo Usability Test (2010), used here with his kind permission.

Reach out to the DoveTools author: Jussi Pasanen or @jopas.


Visual theming, easier tag analysis and Otter transcripts for Dovetail







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