How to evolve a REST service with continuous delivery without downtime
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Customer REST service evolution example

Exposed endpoint:

  • /api/customers/{customerid} GET : retrieves information about a customer
  • /api/customers POST : creates a new customer
  • /api/customers/{customerid} PUT : updates the information about an existing customer

Customer information is transmitted in the following JSON format:


Database persistence configuration

To persist data, the chosen option has been PostgreSQL, although it should not be difficult to configure the project to use a different database. The connection can be configured by changing the file persistence.xml.

Database changes are handled via Liquibase ( Schema changes are specified in the file at resources/db/master.xml.

Sample data generation

You can run the program CustomersGenerator to populate your database with data examples.


It is recommended to run the service with two separate Jetty instances at the same time to check how the service can evolve in a compatible way, so one of the instances is always up and running while the other is updated. To run the project using embedded Jetty:

mvn jetty:run -Djetty.port=[listen_port]