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As a disclaimer, this script is a work-in-progress. It currently runs great for me on my Mac running Snow Leopard 10.6.4. If your on a different OS, than be careful when running this, since it is writing and renaming files.
* PHP and MySQL (duh)
* cURL PHP Extension
* Tar command-line capabilities – comes pre-installed on Unix based systems (Windows users > try installing this)
What exactly this script does
1. Uses MySQL connection to create new database for WordPress
2. cURL then grabs latest wordpress tar.gz archive
3. PHP then asks server to extract the Tar to a directory following the same name as the database
4. Setups up core wp-config.php file with already-in-place MySQL connection info
5. Redirects to WordPress settings setup page for you to add your blog name, initial user account, etc
Setup and Execution
* Download ZIP and copy wordpress.php to local servers root directory
* Configure the config class with your MySQL information (host, user, pass)
* Run the wordpress.php file through your web browser (for me thats http://localhost/wordpress.php)
* You’ll then see a list of active WordPress installations on the left, and a place to create your new WordPress Install on the right.
* Enter your new desired installation name, and click submit