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Concentrate! is a color matching memory game. It was my first project for General Assembly's Web Development Immersive, developed during the third week of the course in October 2015. I look forward to giving this a major overhaul in the near future as well as expanding and improving upon the core concept.

Approach taken:

My approach to the game uses divs as tiles and matches each tile against the background color of the other clicked tile. In order to hide the color, each tile has two class names. A generic one called "hide" and another for the tile's color. When a div is clicked, the hide class is toggled off, revealing the color of the tile.

To Implement:

  • Difficulty settings
  • Leaderboards

User Stories:

  1. As a user I should be able to reset the game if I'm having a bad run so I can save time.
  2. As a user I should be able to see how many chances I have before the game ends so I can play effectively.
  3. As a user I should be able to adjust the game's difficulty to accommodate my skill level.
  4. The user should be rewarded for their performance by way of an achievement system to encourage them to keep playing.
  5. As a user I should have a score chart to show my score history.