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Angular Wrapper for chardin.js instruction overlay
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Angular Wrapper for chardin.js instruction overlay which was inspired by the Gmail composer tour at the time.

Include the angular-help-overlay js file (min or source), chardin.js, and chardin.css. If you are using grunt and using a bowerInstall task, you probably will still need to manually include chardin.js and chardin.css yourself, however the angular-help-overlay should be injected just fine.

Next, install the module to your app:

angular.module('YourApp', ['angularHelpOverlay'])

Usage is straightforward: Find the dom element where you want to the overlay to appear (e.g., body, div, etc.) and add this tag to the element:

<body help-overlay="showHelp">...</body>

With showHelp being a scoped boolean property. Setting that property to true will enable the overlay. Since this is just an AngularJS wrapper around a jquery plugin, this directive still uses chardin.js native attribute lookups:

<div data-intro="Some Help description here" data-position="top">...</div>

data-intro: Text to show with the instructions
data-position: (left, top, right, bottom), where to place the text with respect to the element

Additionally this directive provides delegation of chardin.js start and stop events via, overlay-start-callback and overlay-stop-callback:

<body help-overlay="showHelp" overlay-start-callback="startFn(event)" overlay-stop-callback="stopFn(event)">...</body>

events being passed are the original chardin.js event objects.

Note: The chardin.js attributes will not work on elements that get replaced at compile time, particularly those that are angular directives with replace:true. The workaround for this is to enclose the directive with a simple html wrapper element (e.g., <span> or a <div>) with the chardin.js attributes on it.

The example folder contains a modified example of the original chardin.js (i.e., minus the image animate).

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