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Existing devices

Implementing your own device

The bridge is built to be modular, meaning new devices can be easily added later, provided the follow to the following API.


The device object follows a standard format used by all devices.

The constructor takes the following parameters:

  • configuration (object)
    • This is the configuration for the device from the config JSON file.
  • logContext (object)
    • This is a LogContext (defined in src/lib/logcontext.js) object which is pre-scoped with the device name.

The device must implement the following methods:

  • fetch()
    • Fetches the latest data for all the devices sensors.
    • Returns a promise.
    • When the promise resolves, this provides an array with objects of the form:
        id : [sensor ID],
        value : [received sensor value]

Device folders

A folder with the devices name should be created in devices. All the devices files should be defined in this folder.

The device should have a README.md file defined which explains it's purpose and options.

Device auto-loading

You don't need to worry about loading your device manually. Device objects are found automatically using the type of the device (the code which does this is in devices.js).