Airport-style events dashboard using the Google Calendar API
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Departure Lounge

Display events from a Google Calendar in true airport style. Perfect for upcoming code deploys or all-staff meetings.

Connecting to the Google Calendar API

Using the Google API Console, you'll first need to create a Service Account. You'll then need to share the calendar you wish to use with the service account's email address.


The app requires the following environment variables to be set:

  • departure_lounge_issuer - The email address for the Google API service account (eg.
  • departure_lounge_client_key - The private key for the service account, as a base64-encoded string
  • departure_lounge_calendar_id - The identifier for the calendar you wish to use (eg.
  • departure_lounge_title - The title of the dashboard.
  • departure_lounge_user - The username used for basic authentication to access the calendar
  • departure_lounge_password - A password used to protect the calendar


To start the dashboard:

bundle install
bundle exec rackup -p 5000

Visit http://localhost:5000 and use the username and password defined in the environment variables to access the dashboard.


For a more authentic airport feel, install the CartoGothic Std typeface.