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Python script to crack WPA2 passwords
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Python WPA2 Cracker

This is a simple script that attempts to find a password to a wireless network using WPA2. It watches packets related to a specific wireless network and captures a 4-way handshake when a device connects to that network.

Please don't try to use this for actually trying to break into wireless networks. Not only is that illegal in most places, but this script is not even remotely optimized compared to other freely available software tools. This is only for leaning purposes only.

I also wrote a blog post about this project on my website that you can check out!


To run this script, you need the following:

  • a computer running linux
  • A wireless card/device capable of being used in monitoring mode
  • Python 3


Clone the repo first git clone

Change into the project directory and edit the file. The WIFI_INTERFACE variable needs to be updated to match the interface of your wireless adapter. The SSID variable needs to be updated to match the SSID of the network you want to run the script against. You may want to change how PASSWORD_LIST is generated. By default, it only tries all passwords that are 8 hexadecimal digits long.

Run the script sudo python3

The script will now do the following:

  1. Capture a beacon frame containing the SSID to get the MAC address of the access point.
  2. Waits until a device connects to the network, then captures the generated 4-way handshake.
  3. Tries to (very slowly) brute force the password for the wireless network.
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