Easy-to-customize templates for Concrete5's built-in Autonav, Form, and Page List blocks
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Concrete5 Clean Block Templates

This repository contains alternate view.php files for C5's built-in Autonav, Form, and Page List blocks. The templates are intended to serve as a starting point for customization by a designer or developer.

The form template is exactly the same as the "Form Tableless Layout" addon available in the C5 marketplace.

The page_list template should be fairly self-explanatory.

The autonav template has finally been conquered!!! Easily modify the css classes and the outputted html in a much much (much [much]) more straightforward manner than ever before possible. Also includes functionality from the "Autonav Exclude Subpages" addon, so excluding a page from the nav menu will also exclude all of its children pages, and you can also add another attribute that lets you exclude all of a page's children from the nav menu without excluding that page itself.

All of the templates should work with Concrete5 versions 5.4.1 and 5.4.2. The form and page_list templates have been heavily tested in production, whereas the autonav template is currently experimental and should be tested on your development site before using in production.