Add your name to the global, immutable leaderboard by paying in ETH.
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Crypto High Score

Live Example

The first high score leaderboard on the blockchain. Add your name to the global, immutable leaderboard by paying in ETH. Promote your website or favorite crypto project. It's like the million dollar homepage on the Ethereum blockchain.

Large portions taken from Eth-Token-Sender.


  • Adds an instantiated ethjs object onto the state object for easy ethereum interaction.
  • Uses react-hyperscript with Babel for an Elm-like Javascript ES6 experience.
  • The sample project detects presence of the web3 API, and suggests downloading MetaMask in its absence - or Cipher Browser in the case of mobile.
  • Features a simple button transaction, to show how easy it is to send a transaction and indicate loading state and errors.



Have node.js installed, then in the project folder:

npm install


To run with live-reloading via beefy:

npm start

To build:

npm run build

This will generate a bundle.js file that is pointed to by the index.html.

Project Structure

./index.html                    <- The entry point for the app
./index.js                      <- The JS init entry point for the app, unbuilt.
./app                           <- The usually edited react views
├── root.js                     <- The home page, which could host routing, and has full state.
└── template.js                 <- Copy this to create views with full state access.
├── components                  <- The components that rely on local state
│   ├── download-metamask.js    <- A sample local React component, with customized style params!
│   └── template.js             <- Copy this to create your own components
├── reducers
│   └── index.js                <- The root React Redux reducer file.
└── store.js                    <- The redux store, instantiated with thunk and logging.
./bundle.js                     <- The built JS bundle, generated by `npm run build`.