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Purescript: Jordan's Reference

This repo is my way of using the Feynman Technique to learn Purescript and its ecosystem.

All code uses PureScript 0.15.13

To learn PureScript using this project:

  1. Git clone this repo
  2. Bookmark and read through this repo online
  3. Compile the code locally where possible, follow along, and experiment

Guidelines for this project


Feel free to open a new issue for:

  • Clarification on something you don't understand. If I don't know it yet and I'm interested, it'll force me to learn it
  • A link to something you'd like me to research more. If I'm interested or see the value, I'll look into it and try to document it or explain the idea in a clear way
  • Corrections for any mistakes I've made
  • Improvements to anything I've written thus far

Project Labels

The following labels give insight into this project's development:

Note: You are advised to watch this repo for releases only. Sometimes, this repo will produce a lot of notifications due to opening/closing issues/PRs and me adding additional thoughts/comments to things. This can star to feel like notification spam.


Unless stated otherwise in a specific folder or file, this project is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International license: (Human-readable version), (Actual License)

Creative Commons Licence

Naming Conventions Used In This Repo

Numbering System

When you see this number system:

You should understand it like so:

[major theme/idea][minor concept/point]

Each major theme will almost always have 1..9 minor concepts/points. Thus, you will sometimes not see a file:
-- 10-file-name is intentionally missing here

In situations, where 9 files were not enough, I converted a file into a folder and each file in that folder further explains it.

An 'x' in a File/Folder Name

If a file or folder name has x in the numerical part of its name (e.g. 0x-File-or-Folder-Name, 9x-File-or-Folder-Name), it means I am still deciding where it should appear in the numerical order (and it is likely still a work in progress).