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Shortcuts Directory

This repository contains user-submitted shortcuts for Shortcuts for iOS.

All shortcuts are saved as .shortcut files and located in the shortcuts/ directory so that they are available without needing an iCloud link. Each shortcut includes a README with information about it. Older workflows are saved as .wflow files and are compatible with Shortcuts.

Downloading shortcuts

You don't need a GitHub account or be familiar with Git to download shortcuts.

  • If you're viewing the repository on GitHub, select the shortcut file you want and then tap Download.
  • You can clone the repository using an app like Working Copy (one of my favorite iOS apps). This can be easily updated by pulling the latest changes at any time.
  • You can also download the entire repository as a ZIP file by tapping Clone or download and select Download ZIP.

Submitting a shortcut

See the Contributing guide for instructions on submitting a new shortcut (or updating an existing one). A GitHub account is required.