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Awesome Jordan Awesome

A curated list of awesome open source projects in Jordan or by Jordanians.

Table of contents

Content ordered alphabetically

Awesome Jordan

Awesome Jordan

Content odered alphabetically


  • Dots Indicator Without Viewpager - Dots indicator to use it without viewpager, use can use it with swipe gestures, buttons and more.
  • FireCrasher - Uncaught Exceptions handler library for android.
  • Gentle Palette - Gentle Palette is a color rounding tool.
  • Health Watcher - Android Application that can estimate Heart rate, Blood pressure, Respiration rate and Oxygen rate from only the camera of the mobile
  • IslamicLibraryAndroid - Islamic books Library with improved features.
  • LogDna android client - Android SDK for LogDna.
  • MDC_LocLookup - Off Line Location Look up.
  • Pluto - Lightweight, performant and highly-flexible slider view library.
  • Printooth - Universal thermal Bluetooth printers driver, It's easy, generic and well documented.
  • RxPagination - Implement the pagination in a few lines.


  • C# Algorithms - Portable class-library of 35+ Data Structures and 30+ Algorithms.
  • CryptoN - A simple library that makes it easier to do essential crypto tasks. A bit stale.
  • EasyFacebook - A .NET framework to connect to Facebook API and consume Facebook services
  • RRTM - Simulate probablistic path finding algorithms (RRT) and its variation (not in active development).


  • backtrace-d - backtrace-d provides a pretty backtrace for D applications running under Linux.
  • DKit - DKit is a package to aid developing D programs using Sublime Text 3.

Data Science

  • Athena - Automatic equation building and curve fitting, runs on Tensorflow, built for academia and research.
  • SenSim - Sentence Similarity Estimator

Docker, Linux containers and Kubernetes

  • Docker Glue - Automated unattended pluggable Docker management.
  • Docker Jumpshell - A secure remote shell access inside Docker containers without granting access to host or Docker socket.
  • Docker Stanbol Server - A Docker image that installs Apache Stanbol with Socket.IO to provide an HTTP listener for your application with real-time content enhancements.
  • Rancher 2.0 Server Disaster Recovery - A Docker image that syncs all rancher-data (etcd) to an S3 bucket.
  • wireguard-operator - A wireguard operator created to easily provision a VPN in a k8s cluster.


  • ajax-ops - Declarative Ajax Operations
  • Bootstrap RTL 2.x - rtl support for twitter's bootstrap 2.x
  • Bootstrap RTL 3.x - rtl support for twitter's bootstrap 3.x
  • DOMQL - "jQuery" for DBAs!
  • Hellrazor.js - Create custom errors for your JavaScript projects
  • Inferno-Milligram Boilerplate - Minimal boilerplate for the web using the latest technologies.
  • jq-console - Feature complete web terminal.
  • ngx-scroll-event - An Angular 2+ directive to emit an event if scroll occurs on an element or window.
  • pollux - Web-based tool that makes generating fake JSON data & mocking restful APIs for programmers easier without writing a single line of code with a drag and drop interface.
  • RtlCss - Right-to-left override CSS Generator
  • tashkeel - web-based coloring for Arabic language supplementary diacritics and consonant pointing.
  • vexpest - A tool that generates an analytics dashboard for any user or organization on GitHub.


  • NAS by AKF - An advanced web automation framework (based on Selenium 3.X) with custom code injection ability.
  • Neo4Reach - Reachability index extension for Neo4j graph database (inactive).


  • Command Line Push Notifications - A simple script that could be added to the Linux system and give it the ability to push notifications to Android phone from the command line.
  • oneway - a no-way-back tool to drop privileges useful for docker entry-points


  • SSH Recipes - Recipes for writing awesome ssh config files.


  • Azhan Jo - Get azhan times in Amman.
  • Falak - A real-time dashboard for update, delete, and create operations that happened in MySQL.
  • geojson-lookup - Lookup Geojson feature collections by indexing them by feature properties (INDEX TABLES) and by a Geometry (R-TREE) all in memory.
  • hijri-date - convert Gregorian Dates to Hijri date.
  • MySQL Punisher - Watch and kill active mysql queries that exeeded a specefic timeout.
  • Slack Assembla Plugin - A Slack plugin that watches channels for messages about Assembla and acts accordingly.
  • Subscene Scraper - Automate subtitle's downloading.
  • Terminalizer - Record your terminal and generate animated gif images.
  • Tiny Injector - TypeScript Dependency Injection library.


  • Arachnid - Crawl all unique internal links found on a given website, and extract SEO related information - supports javascript based sites.
  • Firebase Notificatio with Yii2 - This extension will make send firebase notifications easy to do for the Yii2 framework.
  • Varbase - An open source fully-fledged Web Content Management system built on top of Drupal 8, and enhanced for Arabic and RTL websites.
  • Yii-Elastica a Yii application component, Dataprovider and autoloader, to use Elastica PHP library inside Yii framework.


  • Bella - Pure Python post-exploitation data mining and remote administration tool for macOS.
  • Diglett - Diglett is a cron management system that manage all your cron jobs without modifying crontab. Handles locking, logging, error emails, and more.
  • Django Truncate - A simple library to help you truncate your tables with one simple command Edit
  • Gloom - Gloom is an opensource service that takes long URLs and squeezes them into fewer characters to make a link that is easier to share, tweet, or email to friends.
  • HTML2X - Convert HTML links/files to PNG, JPG, or PDF files.
  • mockpy - python command line utility to create development mock servers under Mac OS X easily.
  • Podman Compose - Rootless Container Stacks using Podman. An alternative to Docker-Compose.
  • pyredis-dump - A Redis dump/restore tool for long-term storage (currently Python Literals using AST)
  • python-PooledProcessMixIn - Fast Concurrent Pool of preforked-processes and threads MixIn for python's socket server
  • uPyApp - Python Microservice Web Application scafold using bottlepy


  • Internal PageRank - Calculate Internal PageRank using R from Screaming Frog Crawl (To improve Navigation-Based Internal links for SEO)


  • Solr Scala Play Framework - A Scala library in Play framework for indexing and searching documents within an Apache Solr. solr-play-scala-client uses SolrJ to communicate with Solr server, and it is compatable with Apache Solr 6.x.

Alfred Workflows

  • Cheatsheet Alfred workflow that gets keyboard shortcuts for applications, websites, tools and others.


Your contributions are always welcome! Just make sure that your project is: useful for others and in active development. (You can add stale projects, but please mark them as such).


  • Only open-source projects, please.
  • Add one link per Pull Request.
  • Add the link: * [project-name]( - A short description ends with a period.
    • Keep descriptions concise.
    • To avoid conflicts, sections and entries within sections are ordered alphabatically.
    • If the project is dead or not in active development, mark it as such.
  • Add a section if needed.
    • Add the section description.
    • Add the section title to Table of Contents.
  • Search previous suggestions before making a new one, as yours may be a duplicate.
  • Check your spelling and grammar.
  • Remove any trailing whitespace.
  • Send a Pull Request with the reason why the library is awesome.


Inspired by awesome-python and awesome-php. And all other awesome lists out there.


Awesome open source projects in Jordan







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