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Leverage the ability of Terraform and AWS or GCP to distribute large security scans across numerous cloud instances.
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Have you ever needed to scan 3 million hosts with masscan? What about running EyeWitness on 5k servers.. Without sacrificing accuracy, those things will take quite awhile! What if you could stand up 50 EC2 instances to each take a small part of the work, have each of the instances spit the results to an S3 Bucket, and then spin down the instances. All while staying in the Free AWS Tier. This Terraform module lets you do that!



What do I need to get started?

  • An AWS or GCP account
  • Terraform

Yes, thats it! The scripts contained here configure the EC2 instances, kick the actions off and throw the results into an S3 bucket for you.

Getting Started

AWS Instructions

  1. Download and install Terraform for your platform.
  2. Create an AWS account if you don't already have one.
  3. Retrieve the AWS access and secret keys
  4. git clone
  5. cd OffensiveCloudDistribution/aws_tf
  6. terraform init
  7. terraform apply ; You will need to enter a couple values here such as how many instances, the host name, the IP you want to SSH into the instances with and a line delimited list of IP's to scan.
  8. The results will give you the IP, as well as the Private SSH key. Copy this key into a .pem file to SSH into the servers.
  9. The results of the scan (Or custom action specified by you) will end up in a randomly named S3 Bucket. Download the files placed there from the scan before you run terraform destroy since this will destroy your S3 bucket as well.

For GCP instructions, check out the readme located in the gcp_tf directory


To bypass the module asking for variables, simply add a terraform.tfvars file in the aws_tf or gcp_tf directory to add the values, eg:

secret_key = ""
access_key = ""
scan_list = ""
instance_count = ""
allow_ingress = ""
host_name = ""

Other Platforms

Currently, the Terraform module here is based on AWS and GCP, PR's are welcome :)


Please be aware of the AWS and GCP Free Tier rules. Using instances that qualify for the free tier, you can utilize 750 hours per month. By modifying certain pieces of the Terraform module (Like changing the instance size), and not destroying resources after your job is done, you will likely incur hefty charges.

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