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A classmate and I were trying to figure out how to collaborate and share documents related to CCDC among other teams for a variety of reasons:

  1. Create stronger blue teams.

  2. Push the red teams to Try Harder

  3. Encourage the white teams to introduce more challenging/unique environments.

We decided to create a public github repository that will house scripts, "battle plans", report templates and other documents that have helped teams in the past. We aren't asking for your "secret weapons" but I do believe that sharing this information will help all of the teams. Initially, we were looking at just Minnesota teams, however, I would love to see teams from across the country contribute.

Initially, there won't be too much up here, especially as we try to figure out how to organize the repo.

The plan is that teams should fork this repo and issue pull requests once they make some changes. If you have any comments or advice on this, send me an email at admin(a)

If you issue a Pull request, it won't be accepted unless you make an entry in your corresponding README defining your tool or document uploaded. If you modified an existing script/tool/document make sure you document why you made the changes.