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Acrylic Layer Case (by Litster)

This acrylic case for the ErgoDox was designed by Litster. The original link for these files on the ErgoDox website is dead, but I was able to find the design on github here.

Files for cutting are provided in AutoCad DXF and SVG formats.

The layers can be cut from acrylic, or another material if you're feeling adventurous. The thickness of the layers is as follows:

  • Layer 1: 3mm
  • Layer 2: 4.5mm
  • Layer 3: 4.5mm
  • Layer 4: 4.5mm
  • Layer 5: 3mm

The top and bottom layers can be cut from thinner material if you desire. They do not have a minimum height.


Depending on your components, some connectors on the PCB may conflict with the spacer layers (2 and 4). During my build I found that the TRRS connectors on each side were ~6mm tall, and as a result left a small gap above and below the plate layer. This can be solved by using a file or dremel to cut a groove which can fit the oversized connector. I do NOT recommend using thicker material for layer 3.

Joined Case Layers

Because I wanted an easy way to ensure that the two halves of my ErgoDox are always oriented the same way, I created joined alternatives for the top and bottom layers. It is possible to use only the bottom joined layer, or to use both the bottom and the top for a more solid build.

The joined layers can be found in case/dxf/joined/ or case/svg/joined/.

For layers 2 through 4 just use the regular, non-joined layers.

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