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fingerpoken - use your browser (iphone/ipad/laptop) as a mouse and remote

fingerpoken main screen


fingerpoken is a web-based touchpad tool. No extra software is required on your ipad/itouch/iphone, just Safari.

There is also a server-side component that serves the web interface and acts on commands sent from that web interface.

Video demos:

Short Intro

Get it

gem install fingerpoken

Run it

# X11:
fingerpoken.rb -t xdo:///

fingerpoken.rb -t vnc://mysecret@some.workstation.local/

# TiVo
fingerpoken.rb -t tivo://

Use it

Point your iphone, itouch, or another computer's browser at:


Touch away!

Supported Platforms

  • iOS >=4.2 - iPhone, iPad, iTouch
  • Google Chrome >= 5

Probably Unsuppored Platforms

  • Palm-Pre/WebOS - no websockets, no touch events (maybe?)
  • Android 2.2 - touch events don't work, websockets may not either.

What works:

  • dragging a finger moves the mouse.
  • tap clicks, 2-finger tap right-clicks, 3 finger-tap middle-clicks
  • two-finger drag up/down scrolls
  • double tap clicks twice, etc.
  • tap-drag works like you might expect (select text, etc).
  • arbitrary keyboard input (press the 'keyboard' button)

Supported targets:

  • X11 (via libxdo)
  • VNC (via rubygem eventmachine-vnc)
  • TiVo (no external dependencies)

Configuring the UI:

  • The 'config' button lets you change a few things:
    • 'mouse movement' can be relative (normal touchpad), absolute positioning, and vector (start-point + current-point == mouse direction and speed)
    • You can change the mouse sensitivity.

Options set in the UI will persist across sessions using HTML5 localStorage.

Securing Fingerpoken

iPhone's 'secure websocket' support sucks, so I don't use that.

Instead, I use HMAC-MD5 to sign requests to the server. This requires a pre-shared key between your client and server.

Server: fingerpoken --passphrase "my passphrase"

Client: go into 'config' and enter the same passphrase.

To prevent replay attacks, part of the signature includes a sequence number. The server will reject any messages with a sequence number less than the previous one.

Note: This is only message signing to resist replay attacks and unauthorized control of fingerpoken server. It is not encryption.

What's planned:

  • many other things.
  • Better PC-as-a-client support (mousemovement, clicking, etc)
  • Got suggestions?


  • special keystroke input (control/shift/alt, function keys, page up/down, etc)

What you need to run it:


  • client: an iphone or ipad running iOS >=4.2 (requires websocket support in safari)


  • ruby
  • rubygems: em-websocket, eventmachine, ffi, async_sinatra, json, rack
  • For the xdo target: libxdo (from the xdotool project)
  • For the vnc target: rubygem eventmachine-vnc
  • For the tivo target: nothing.
  • Linux, and X server. OS X and Windows support is probably easy.

Run it:

1) Run fingerpoken.rb 2) Point your iphone browser at http://yourmachine:5000/ 3) Use your phone as a touchpad.

  • xdo (X11): fingerpoken.rb -t xdo:///
  • vnc: fingerpoken.rb -t vnc:///password@host:port/
    • password is optional
    • port defaults to 5900
  • tivo: fingerpoken.rb -t tivo://yourtivoip:port
    • default port is 31339


  • TiVo control requires the mouse mode be 'vector' (tap on 'config' to change this)
  • TiVo support also requires you enable the network remote control on your TiVo.


  • Bookmark to home screen. Works from there, too.
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