Support GPG signing RPM packages #141

alexrecarey opened this Issue Jan 3, 2012 · 4 comments

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Just an idea, as I do not know how difficult it will be to implement, and I am not adept enough in Ruby to code it myself.

Signing RPM's is a great way to trust the packages you are installing, and just good practice all around.


Thanks for the idea! Someone will surely need this and patch it in if I don't get to it first :)


any news on this? also is there a way to sign DEB files today? cant find it or should this ticket include both?


I haven't had energy to write this feature yet for RPM. Same for deb, though with debs I have found that in practice, nobody signs their debs, but many sign apt repos - even debian/ubuntu upstream only sign the apt repo listings, not the packages themselves.

Feel free to file a separate ticket for deb package signing :)


Just need to pass --sign to rpmbuild via a command line switch, there is nothing else that can be done by fpm.

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