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using --inputs fails to work #211

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Using the command line --input fails to work
OS: centos 6
ruby: 1.8.7

test case:

    mkdir app/
    touch app/foo.rb
    echo app/foo.rb > file.list

the following fails

    fpm -s dir -t rpm -n foo -v 1.0 --inputs file.list

ERROR: No parameters given. You need to pass additional command arguments so that I know what you want to build packages from. For example, for '-s dir' you would pass a list of files and directories. For '-s gem' you would pass a one or more gems to package from. As a full example, this will make an rpm of the 'json' rubygem: fpm -s gem -t rpm json {"level":"warn"}
Fix the above problems, and you'll be rolling packages in no time! {"level":"fatal"}

the following works.

    fpm -s dir -t rpm -n "foo" -v 1.0 `cat file.list`

Fixed in #297, can be closed.

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