Add --rpm-skip-os-install-post or similiar #259

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When building packages that include JAR files RedHat distributions have defined some post-install steps that repackage the JAR files. I find myself using the '-e' option with FPM frequently and adding the following at the beginning:

%define __os_install_post %{nil}

If I'm not alone in this, it might make sense to define an --rpm-skip-os-install-post (I'm open to better naming.).

I'll add that if there is no objection to this sort of feature being added, I'd be willing to make the code changes.


I swear I fixed this a while ago:

Maybe rpmbuild ships with some other dumb macros. I'll have a go at finding them (anything similar to __os_install_post and siabling those as well!


Based on digging around in the macros file in fedora 16, the __os_install_post is only invoked with %__spec_install_post and fpm erases that nonsense.

What os/distro/version are you usion? What version of fpm?


I'm using RHEL6 and the latest FPM (gem install fpm yesterday). Before manually adding the os_install_post above the JAR files came out with different md5sums than they went in with, and the copy of Eclipse would not start. Everything is OK with that option.


I don't think this has been reported in a while, so it may be solved. I'm pretty sure fpm does the best it can to disable any of the weird "mess with your stuff" macros redhat ships rpmbuild with.

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