File name should take into account --edit #367

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alex commented Feb 20, 2013

If the name or version number is editted using --edit the resulting filename should take this into account.


jordansissel commented Feb 26, 2015

I would actually love to get rid of the --edit flag.

If this issue is still interesting to you, can you help me understand your use case? For example, what causes you to edit the name or version?

alex commented Feb 26, 2015

So, bearing in mind this was two jobs ago and I don't totally remember why I did this ;-):

I think the use case was that my employer had a convention of adding our name to package names, so python-msgpack-rdio or so.

It's also totally possible that there was a better way to solve this with fpm, but a) I don't remember if there were other constraints, b) I didn't know fpm that well when I did this.


jordansissel commented Feb 26, 2015

@alex no worries! We can set the name with -n foo in almost all cases. I"ll close this and we can wait until we need it again :)

alex commented Feb 26, 2015

It seems exceptionally probably that's the appropriate solution to the problem! Cheers.

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