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Flag for automatic creation of Gem dependencies #375

astrostl opened this Issue · 8 comments

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I'd love a flag which tells FPM to not only package up the requested Gem, but all of its listed dependencies. I would find this easier than the "Convert a gem and all of its dependencies" pattern from , and don't see a downside. But maybe there is one?



I've thought about adding a flag that causes fpm to build the target package as well as fetching and packaging any dependencies.

Not sure what the flag should be called; I thought --recursive but that could easily be confused with directory search behaviors. Trying to think of another term to declare "Also download and package dependencies" but coming up short. Ideas?


--package-dependencies ?


Another +1 for --package-dependencies here! This relates to the conversation @jordansissel and I had earlier in #logstash earlier today.


Working on this now. Hopefully will have a prototype shortly :)


FWIW, I would have expected it to be the default behavior, and would ultimately prefer a flag to suppress it rather than enable it. I know these kind of "API" changes could be frowned upon for those that have FPM worked into various automations, though. (thought only occurred to be as a result of the parallel dependency talk in the CPAN ticket)


(re my last comment of 'working on it now') - I started working on it, but I think I'll need to do some refactoring to make it work correctly.


Expand to "pip" (and thus all target) dependencies, not just Gems as per the subject :)


I NEED this.

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