if --prefix is provided with trailing slash it fails to build RPM #819

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dhajoshi commented Dec 6, 2014

Not sure i am doing it correctly but .. ( or not sure it's intentionally made that FPM will not remove trailing slash )

fpm -s dir -t rpm --debug --verbose --force --rpm-attr '0555,dhajoshi,other:/tmp/testpacking/./parent' --name testfpm --repo-id osbuild --version 1.0 --workdir /var/tmp/ --prefix /tmp/testpacking/ --directories . -C /tmp/testpacking/ .

error: line 43: Prefixes must not end with "/": Prefix: /tmp/ {:level=>:info, :file=>"cabin/mixins/pipe.rb", :line=>"46"}
Process failed: rpmbuild failed (exit code 1). Full command was:["rpmbuild", "-bb", "--define", "buildroot /var/tmp/package-rpm-build20141206-16026-ziyvex/BUILD", "--define", "_topdir /var/tmp/package-rpm-build20141206-16026-ziyvex", "--define", "_sourcedir /var/tmp/package-rpm-build20141206-16026-ziyvex", "--define", "_rpmdir /var/tmp/package-rpm-build20141206-16026-ziyvex/RPMS", "--define", "_tmppath /var/tmp/", "/var/tmp/package-rpm-build20141206-16026-ziyvex/SPECS/testfpm.spec"] {:level=>:error, :file=>"/home/dhajoshi/fpm/lib/fpm/command.rb", :line=>"463"}

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