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fpm uses gem from path #85

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Corry Haines Jordan Sissel
Corry Haines

First, this is more of a nitpick then a real issue. The workaround is easy (set the PATH), but I will bring it up here in case you are feeling generous.

Basically, if you are running a special ruby instance (say /opt/ruby) and directly call /opt/ruby/bin/fpm, fpm will subsequently run the system version of gem (/usr/bin/gem).

This makes sense, as that is the first listed in the path... but at the same time, that is not the same ruby as fpm is using. This can cause interesting issues and error messages.

I would say that no solution is ideal here, but in my opinion, fpm should call the gem binary related to its own instance of ruby. It could do this by figuring out the path to its own binary.

Jordan Sissel

So, the python target allows you to specify the easy_install path, so it only makes sense to allow specifying the gem path - I'll get to this as soon as I can - good idea!

Jordan Sissel

Fixed by 1833e94, new release coming soon.

sideci-sample sideci-sample referenced this issue from a commit in sideci-sample/sideci-sample-fpm
Jordan Sissel - Add flag --gem-gem to specify the path to the 'gem' tool
  Default is 'gem' and uses $PATH
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