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Add --python-setup-py-arguments flag #1120

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cure commented May 26, 2016

This flag can be used to pass arbitrary arguments to

This is helpful to package python modules that have a poorly written that requires special arguments.

For example, this allows building ruamel.yaml which requires


to be given to


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lattwood commented on 2c00bac Jun 2, 2015

Any chance of a new gem with this?

Matt Schreiber and others added 8 commits Jun 4, 2015
* (21 commits)
  make sandboxing non-core modules optional
  Remove python_install_bin setting; this was causing the tests to fail on OSX
  Revert unintentional change
  Remove unnecessary requires lines from  spec
  Add empty as output target for testing purposes
  Add before-install script to sh package type
  Add  to pre- and post- removal scripts to make them safer
  fixed typo in command.rb
  fix exclude-file to exclude_file issue
  For Debian packages, register files in `/etc` as conf files
  List loaded package types on the help screen
  Fixed github link title in RAEDME
  First whack at translating deb scripts/conffiles into rpm
  Add tests for python dependency manipulation. Also switch spec/fixtures/python/ from distutils to setuptools.
  Add --python-disable-dependency option to disable specific python dependencies.
  Add command line flag for --exclude-file.
  Add commandline flag for --exclude-file to support a file listing exclude patterns.
  Add some basic specs for the SH package
  Add package metadata to slug file format
Fixing symbol name
Fixing symbol name
Prevents lintian control-file-has-bad-permissions
Ensure --deb-shlibs file permission to keep lintian happy
jordansissel and others added 25 commits May 11, 2016
workaround rubygems issue #1608 and remove dependency of corefines
Clarify that --replaces is the same as rpm "Obsoletes"
Fix fpm to work with recent versions of pip (with helpful comment)
Long term, we'll probably have a "smart" post-install that will choose
the correct service (systemd, etc) to install based on the platform
doing the installation, not the platform creating the package :)

Adds dependencies on pleaserun and upgrades clamp to suit.

Example using the defaults in pleaserun:

    # Create a package called 'example-service' that installs a service named 'example'
    % bin/fpm -s pleaserun -t rpm -n example-service --pleaserun-name example  =logger hello world
    No platform selected. Autodetecting... {:platform=>"systemd", :version=>"default", :level=>:warn}
    Writing file {:destination=>"/tmp/package-pleaserun-staging20160513-12576-1ozurnf/lib/systemd/system/example.service"}
    Writing install actions. You will want to run this script to properly activate your service on the target host {:path=>"/tmp/package-pleaserun-staging20160513-12576-1ozurnf/"}
    Created package {:path=>"example-service-1.0-1.x86_64.rpm"}

    # ^^ The above service will execute "logger hello world"

    # What's in our rpm?
    % rpm -qlp example-service-1.0-1.x86_64.rpm

    # What about any post-install steps?
    % rpm -qp example-service-1.0-1.x86_64.rpm --scripts
    postinstall scriptlet (using /bin/sh):
    systemctl --system daemon-reload

    # Install it.
    % sudo rpm -ivh example-service-1.0-1.x86_64.rpm

    # Start it.
    % sudo systemctl start example

    # Check the logs!
    % sudo tail -n1 /var/log/messages
    May 13 03:32:55 localhost root: hello world

Example choosing 'sysv' as the platform:

    % bin/fpm -s pleaserun -t rpm -n example-service --pleaserun-platform sysv --pleaserun-name example  =logger hello world
    Writing file
    Writing file
    Created package {:path=>"example-service-1.0-1.x86_64.rpm"}

    % rpm -qlp example-service-1.0-1.x86_64.rpm
… detected.

Also move files to be /platform/version/... instead of
* Only try install actions if they exist
* Add special case for Upstart 0.6.5 (CentOS 6)
The scripts will be written to the top-level `.scripts/` directory
The `` will generate a script that is executed when
the package is removed.
…. Without this, the default is 'no description given' which is not a helpful default
Closes #861
Drop duplicate .conf suffix
New source: pleaserun
arguments to

This is helpful to package python modules that have a poorly written that requires special arguments.
@jordansissel jordansissel force-pushed the jordansissel:master branch from 7b71484 to e0ec0f3 Jun 20, 2016

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jordansissel commented Jun 20, 2016

I just did some maintenance on the git history in the fpm repo. In doing so, I messed up this PR. You may have to rebase against master. Let me know if you need help doing this.


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josephholsten commented Jul 21, 2017

fixed with rebase in #1376. Thanks!

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