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Fix #365 producing huge packages because of hard links #623

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14 lib/fpm/util.rb
@@ -155,7 +155,19 @@ def copy_entry(src, dst)
when 'directory'
FileUtils.mkdir(dst) unless File.exists? dst
- FileUtils.copy_entry(src, dst)
+ # if the file with the same dev and inode has been copied already -
+ # hard link it's copy to `dst`, otherwise make an actual copy
+ st = File.stat(src)
jordansissel added a note Mar 7, 2014

I wonder if File.lstat() is more correct here (otherwise we're following a symlink which may not be waht we want to do)

I'll fiddle with this post-merge and try to write a test for it.

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+ if copied_entry = copied_entries[[, st.ino]]
+ FileUtils.ln(copied_entry, dst)
+ else
+ FileUtils.copy_entry(src, dst)
+[, st.ino], dst)
+ end
+ def copied_entries
+ @copied_entries ||= {}
+ end
end # module FPM::Util
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