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* @file grok_match.h
#ifndef _GROK_MATCH_H_
#define _GROK_MATCH_H_
#include "grok_capture_xdr.h"
typedef struct grok_match {
/** The grok_t instance that generated this match.
* This is a pointer to the grok parameter given to grok_exec().
* @see grok_exec()
const grok_t *grok;
/** Pointer to the string matched.
* This is a pointer to the text parameter given to grok_exec()
* @see grok_exec()
const char *subject;
/** Start position of the match. 0 is beginning of string */
int start;
/** End position of match. */
int end;
} grok_match_t;
const grok_capture * grok_match_get_named_capture(const grok_match_t *gm,
const char *name);
int grok_match_get_named_substring(const grok_match_t *gm, const char *name,
const char **substr, int *len);
void grok_match_walk_init(const grok_match_t *gm);
int grok_match_walk_next(const grok_match_t *gm,
char **name, int *namelen,
const char **substr, int *substrlen);
void grok_match_walk_end(const grok_match_t *gm);
#endif /* _GROK_MATCH_H_ */
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